Although it has become a new buzzword and sometimes wrenched from its context, yet it is a point of particular interest – also within our company.


What is sustainability?

Striving for sensible handling of our energy sources, people and environment.

We have a responsibility towards future generations. How will we meet our energy needs without creating a shortage and endangering mankind and his environment?

We also at PEET ZWINK do our utmost to take care of man and environment and try to have an as small as possible ecological footprint. The previous years we have invested a lot in sustainability with as result:

  • Closed watersystem in our nursery:
    Water recycling, i.e.
    * Collecting drainwater
    * Disinfecting drainwater by means of heat treatment
    * Reuse of drainwater
    * therefore no discharge to the environment
  • Sorted waste disposal – segregated disposal of waste, i.e. green waste, paper, cardboard, plastics etc.
  • Newer better screens – saving energy and fire retardant
  • Climate computer – our climate computer utilises weather forecasts, what allows anticipating weather changes and therefore using less energy.
  • No grow light – We do not use grow lights in our cultivation, but there where we need artificial light, we have installed energy saving lamps.
  • Biological pest control – Controlling pests such as insects by using other organisms (natural enemies of the pest) instead of using chemical pesticides.
  • CO2 – In our nursery we process CO2-emissions captured from the industry to keep CO2 out of the atmosphere and therefore less pollution of the environment.
  • Solar energy – Recently we have installed 200 solar panels on the roof of our shed, which generate a large part of our electric energy consumption.